Assam GK Mock Test Part-IV

নিজৰ বন্ধু বান্ধৱীৰ লগত শ্বেয়াৰ কৰি দিয়ক

Assam GK and General Awareness Topic-Wise Mock Test – As we all know that Assam General Knowledge and General Awareness is very crucial area in competative exams and most of the students feel great diificulties to score in it. A good base in General Knowledge is very important for clearing any competative exams. Tackling this exams you should develop a good understanding of the happening around them.

Assam General Knowledge Online tests include a wide range of Assam GK & General Awareness Questions and Answers in GK Quiz form .These Online Assam General Knowledge Tests cover all topics which can be useful for any competative exams. So Let’s start our Online Assam Gk Mock test Part-IV –

Table of Contents

#1. Gibon Wildlife Sanctury is located at ( গিবন বন্যপ্ৰাণী অভয়াৰণ্য __ ত অৱস্থিত ) ?

#2. The Guwahati tea auction center was established in the year ( __ চনত গুৱাহাটী চাহ নিলাম কেন্দ্ৰ স্থাপন কৰা হৈছিল ) ?

#3. Which town is also known as the Manchester of Assam ( কোনখন চহৰক অসমৰ মানচেষ্টাৰ বুলিও জনা যায় ) ?

#4. The Brahmaputra cracker and polymer limited industry is located at ( ব্ৰহ্মপুত্ৰ ক্ৰেকাৰ আৰু পলিমাৰ সীমিত উদ্যোগত ___ অৱস্থিত ) ?

#5. Which city of assam has the largest dry fish ( অসমৰ কোন খন চহৰত আটাইতকৈ ডাঙৰ শুকান মাছ আছে ) ?

#6. Guwahati university was established in the year ( ___ চনত গুৱাহাটী বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় প্ৰতিষ্ঠা কৰা হয় ) ?

#7. Who is the first vice-chancellor of Guwahati university ( গুৱাহাটী বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ৰ প্ৰথম উপাচাৰ্য কোন ) ?

#8. Total number of Parliamentary constituency in Assam ( অসমত মুঠ সংসদীয় সমষ্টিৰ সংখ্যা ) ?

#9. Lakshminath Bezbaroa is honoured with 'Rasaraj' by Asam Sahitya Sabha in the year ( __ চনত লক্ষ্মীনাথ বেজবৰাক অসম সাহিত্য সভাই 'ৰসৰাজ' সন্মানেৰে সন্মানিত কৰে ) ?

#10. Namghosa was written by ( নামঘোচা কোনে লিখিছিল ) ?



নিজৰ বন্ধু বান্ধৱীৰ লগত শ্বেয়াৰ কৰি দিয়ক
নিজৰ বন্ধু বান্ধৱীৰ লগত শ্বেয়াৰ কৰি দিয়ক

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Hope that today you have done all the questions of Assam GK Mock Test Part-IV. If you still want to ask anything regarding this, then message us in the comment section and we will reply to you soon.


Assam General knowledge Mock Test questions collected from various sources like websites, Wikipedia, eBooks, Books, etc. If you found any mistakes in above General knowledge questions please contact us or comments down below on this post.

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