General Knowledge Assam Online Test Part- 29

নিজৰ বন্ধু বান্ধৱীৰ লগত শ্বেয়াৰ কৰি দিয়ক

General Knowledge Assam Online Test Part-29 : Online General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers for competitive exams are updated here, GK Quiz with facts are most significant in competitive exams, and in Campus Interviews. Practice GK Quiz Online for free and evaluate your skills by answering the General Knowledge Questions on various topics in MCQ format.

Assam General Knowledge Online tests include a wide range of Assam GK & General Awareness Questions and Answers in GK Quiz form .These Online Assam General Knowledge Tests cover all topics which can be useful for any competative exams.

General KnowledgeAssam  Online Test Detail

Quiz Name Assam GK Part-29
Category GK
Number of Questions 10
Time 10 Minutes
Exam Type MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Assam General Knowledge Questions and Answers

#1. Who was the first Chief Minister of Assam –

#2. Srimanta Sankardev was born in the year –

#3. The first conference of Assam Sahitya Sabha was held at –

#4. Total number of National Parks in Assam –

#5. In which year , the capital of Assam Shifted from Shillong to Dispur –

#6. The Narayan Setu connects the Pancharatna Town with which city –

#7. In which hill, the Kamakhya Temple is located –

#8. The Assam Sahitya Sabha was first founded in the year –

#9. Who was the first president of of Assam Sahitya Sabha –

#10. In Ancient times , Assam is also known by -



নিজৰ বন্ধু বান্ধৱীৰ লগত শ্বেয়াৰ কৰি দিয়ক


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নিজৰ বন্ধু বান্ধৱীৰ লগত শ্বেয়াৰ কৰি দিয়ক

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Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardev

The great Vaishnavite saint and reformer Srimanta Sankardev was born in Alipukhuri, Nagaon in 1449. His father was Kusumbar Bhuyan and his mother’s name was Satyasandhya.Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardev was a saint, scholar, playwright, social and religious reformer is a colossal figure in the cultural and religious history of Assam. He was destined to play a significant role in preaching to humanity and protecting human religion. ‘Ek Sarania Nam Dharma’ preached by him believed in worship of Lord Vishnu. Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardev was a great scholar and literacy genius.

His major literacy creations are the ‘Kirtan Ghosa’, ‘Gunamala’ etc. The holy songs written by him are known as ‘Borgeet’. The dramas written by him are known as ‘Ankia Naat’ and Sattriya Dance at that time was a part of it. In the ‘Ankiya Naats’ Srimanta Sankardev used the style of story telling through drama, mostly depicting the life of Lord Krishna and Lord Rama. The first dramatical work by him was ‘Chihnajatra’. The various ‘Ankia Naats’ written by him are ‘Kaliya Daman’, ‘Patni Prasad’, ‘Keli Gopal’, ‘Rukmini Haran’, ‘Parijat Haran’ and ‘Rambijay’ naat. When he started going to school at the age of twelve, he wrote a poem on the praise of Lord Vishnu -‘Karatala Kamala Kamala Dala Nayana’ without using any vowels as he had learnt only the consonants till that time.

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