Write a letter to your friend about your favourite hobby

My dear Sushanta,

Your letter is an object of joy for me. Many thanks for it . You desire me to let you know if i have any hobby and if so, what is it .

       Well, I have a hobby and it is stamp-collection. I can’t tell you exactly how i came to develop it. The first inspiration came from my youngest maternal uncle . He is a much-travelled man . He had travelled extensively in different countries in his official capacity . He had a good stock of stapms of different countries of the world . I have got good many stamps form him . I have affixed them in my album . Whenever I get a new stamp, I collect it and treasure it up in my album of stamps . My mothers and sisters think it queer. But to me, they are very valuable . These stamps tell me a lot about different countries of the world . They are a source of interest and joy to me . At times it becomes paying also.

        When we meet next, I shall show you my album. I am sure you will like it . No more today ; I am quite all right, How are you ?

       With all my love and best wishes.

Your loving friend,


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